Monday, October 06, 2008

Lets argue over facts!

I love getting on after the "debates" and such to see who's lying, fudging, etc. But apparantly facts are up for debate now too. I found this article to be real interesting on how "facts" are certain facts were determined and why McCain is so obsessed with "94" when "52" would have the same effect...

The central question of article is: (this is quoted)

"What if McCain adjusted his campaign claims to conform to the fact-checkers’ objections? In a number of cases he could easily satisfy their criticisms and still have a devastating attack against Obama. Would they then pronounce those claims accurate?"

Read the article (Click Me!)

Maybe Big John should take the advice, thoughts?

P.S. #1 - And spare me the bias talk, all of you know Im a John Wayne McCain supporter. And yes, Im sure this same artice could be written the other way around. Any yes #2, Im sure there are misstatements on the McCain side that cant be "fixed" by adjustments, same with Sen. Obama. And yes.... blah blah blah.

P.S. #2 - ATB, this is how you get away without posting the WHOLE article... Tease 'em!


  1. Who cares.(either way) Since when does a President have to "check facts"??? All you have to do is act like Cartman and do whatever you want. Check out the Bush Docterine for example. Just pretend you're threatened and pre-defend yourself. Ta-da.
    Although, my favorite fact is McCain was not not chosen over Bush as the Republican nominee last election. What does that make him compared to Bush? (less gooder is the answer)
    But seriously, facts don't matter. Obama is going to buy me a TV and an hat if I vote for him, so that's what I'm gonna do. America..Fuck Yeah!

  2. It's hard to not bring up the source of the article... but beyond that there clearly is a wide spread liberal conspiracy against John McCain :)

    The "Liberal Media" controls everything..., this blog, what I'm eating for lunch today.

    In the end you've got enter "no-spin zones" which present facts, not opinions (damn near impossible to find these days).

    Like Witt said in an earlier comment... it seems like politics as usual.

    I think you've heard me say this before... but I'd like to see more than two parties involved in our government... maybe it would help make things happen.

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Im not saying there is some conspiracy - this article was more posted to view the election as "sport", something to be won and lost and was wondering why McCain wont try to be just a tinge more factually accurate.

    A exaggeration allows the other side to effectively rebut a statment that has some serious underlying truth to it. In the sport of elections he appears to be f'ing (this topic is only one of them)....