Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Hate the Player - Hate the Game

Blaming the economic melt down on a certain political party is missing the point. This type of thing has been occurring for centuries. The International Banking Cartel and the Federal Reserve System promote a boom - bust cycle that encourages banks to make bad loans. When the government bails them out, they do not learn their lesson. It would be horrible to give no bailout and watch our economy come to a screeching halt, but bailing these banks out only assures us that it will happen again. And the bottom line in all of this is inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax that takes spending power out of all of our wallets. Giving banks another $700 billion will likely lead to a roughly $7 trillion injection of currency into our economy. This will dilute the spending power of the money we have and will earn. Remember my posts a few years ago that talked about how our economy was heading down the shitter? Here are the links in case you care: Politicking Time Bomb and Mo' Money.

Ass Punch


  1. Nothing like a good old ass punch... great titles on your posts by the way!

  2. Well put. Another way to too look at is the way Biggie put it: Mo Money, Mo problems.

  3. Mo Money, Mo Problems was the title of a book report I wrote for an English class sophmore year at OSU for the Great Gatsby. You would be suprised at the similarities between Jay Gatsby and Christopher Williams (Biggie Smalls). Both from NYC, both rich, both died young.