Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Booo Telemarketers!

Today's the big day! If you are not aware, October 8th is the official date in which cell phones will become public. Telemarketers abound are now chomping at the bit with excitement with the idea of endlessly harrassing you and yours during dinner hour and more importantly during football. The nerve!

Do not fear. You can fight back. Call the National Do-Not-Call List @ 888-382-1222. You must call from the phone you plan to put on the list. It literally only takes a minute, it lasts for five years and doesn't cost one red cent.


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    You may still get calls. Legally a company only has to update their DNCL once a year. Which means you may get calls for the next 12 months. Although if you answer and tell them you are on the DNCL they have to take note and CANNOT call you again.

  2. I'm thinking about opening a telemarketing call center. I heard its a growing industry. There's only a few growing industries right now. Does anyone wanna join up.

  3. The picture is great... Telemarketers blow when you've got a 5 month old trying to sleep.