Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

It is that time of the year again. When you see kids on football fields sweating like pigs and local talk shows begin speaking of few topics outside the realm of football. Here's what I think about this year:

Ohio State: The Bucks are going to be bad ass again. So many returning stars suggest they will dominate most games. Hopefully, they will whip the crap out of Southern Cal, but that will be their toughest game. Sports Illustrated rated Michigan preseason, like #49, and 8th in the Big Ten, but they are crazy. Hell, they picked the Reds over the Cards in the N.L. Central this year, and that has not quite happened. Anyways, the Bucks will make another run at the national title and have a good chance of winning it.

Bengals: Cinci will most likely finish just under .500 this year, but not for the reasons you probably think. I think that their defense this year will actually be quite tough. They have a new Defensive Coordinator, and both of their defensive ends, Rashad Jeanty and Robert Geathers, are healthy this year to provide a potent pass rush. Throw in first round MLB Rivers and you will likely see a defense that will give up some yards, but also cause a lot of turnovers and probably score some points in the process. The Bengals' offense on the other hand, will not put up the numbers that they have in years past. Palmer is still good, but their offensive line has been pourus in the preseason, and their running back situation is iffy at best.

Browns: Left Tackle Joe Thomas (above) is the main reason that Cleveland will have a legitimate shot at the post season this year. As a rookie left tackle last year, he gave up just one sack and started all 16 games. Their offensive line is a rock, and they have other offensive weapons to choose from. Braylon Edwards is a top 10 receiver, Anderson is a baller and Quinn is a good backup, Winslow is a soldier, Jamal Lewis is a convicted felon and they just signed some other bad ass receiver but I cannot remember his name. The only question for the Browns is whether their defense can hold up in the toughest division in the NFL. They signed some big linemen in the off season, but they need a good pass rush from Wimbley and Co. and their young DBs need to step up and make plays.

Patriots: They are going to be awesome again. Big surprise. I hope that Bin Laden sneaks his skinny ass into Boston and blows up all of New England.


  1. Go Cowboys! I got 50 yard line Tix for next weeks game...what what!

  2. Great run down joe... I picked up Carson Palmer in our Fantasy Draft... I think I got him about in the 4th or 5th round and he was the 6th QB taken.

    Anywhoo I hope both teams have a good year, it makes watching local televised football interesting in November