Wednesday, August 27, 2008

69 Days...

69 Days until November 4th.. and what better way to celebrate a return to unemployment than a good 'ole fashioned Metallica concert.. The new song hit the airwaves last weekish.. but of course you'd never know seeing how Columbus no longer has a rock station, but I digress. You can check it out on youtube (hint: it's solid) - the album hits on 9/12 and The Boys will be Back in Town on November 9th.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Anybody think this album cover looks like a hairy snatch? I'm just sayin...

  2. great song, i hope album is what we've been waiting for.

  3. Crazy song... I kind of get a vibe from their last three / four albums. I can hear some Black... a little pre-black, definetly some load / re-load and maybe even a touch of st. anger.

    Im my mind St. Anger was kind of influenced by other bands at the time... or leading up to it. I never watched their behind the scenes movie, but I always felt St. Anger was influlenced by newer bands (i.e. no guitar solos).

    Anyway, plenty of other bands have come along recently that try to mimic the old-old metallica sound (i.e. speed metal that will melt your face off... I'm thinking dragonforce here). Watch the dueling guitar solos... these guys could give james and kirk a run for their money.

    Anyway, I know I'll buy the new one and I know I'll enjoy it. Metallica can do no wrong in my opinion.

    It's also interesting how they've changed their stance / approach to the internet... There giving a song away for free via youtube before the album is released... that's a huge departure from the napster days (I think Lars still gets shit for that).

    Too bad this song will probably only be available in Guitar Hero Metallica Version.

  4. Im in... WHen do tickets go on sale?