Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yun Fitness Boot Camp (July 21)

FYI: Yun is ready to rock your body with his Fittnes Boot Camps... check out his email post. There's facebook group too.

I'm starting up adult fitness boot camps in Dublin on July 21. Trying
to get them filled as quickly as possible.

Normally it's $144. But for you, it's just $99. And that price goes
for any of your other friends, family, or co-workers. Just use the
code DISCOUNT at checkout.

Also, if anybody works at a big office with lots of people and would
be willing to post some flyers on a board, for everybody that signs
up I'll give you a $15 pre person cash or off my camp.

That's right!


1 comment:

  1. I'd join if I were there. I've just sacked off Yoga as it was too lax.Someone asked the instructor "when i'm practising outside of class how should i do this exercise?" which the instructor of the once a week class told her: "oh, no need to practice outside of class".
    That means I paid 48quid for 1 hour of yoga a week....not really gonna give me results is it!??!?!