Monday, July 07, 2008

Indulge me.

I was a vag and wasn't at the midwest burning man. So, tell me about the roast...


  1. Good times. Good beer. Great food. The pork and brisket were off the chain. Most of the regulars were present, and Scott Snider brought a strong contingent of young UA folk. Vance Nichols won MVP. Not sure who won the corn hole tournament. I haven't heard of any debauchery laden tales of nudity and intoxication to the point of memory loss, but I do not doubt that they took place.

  2. Joe got most of the details... it's a well oiled machine at this point. The weather was good... not too hot, not too sunny, and not too humid. I didn't make it up very late so I may have missed the prime "freak out" time.

    96ers in attendance: James, Brad, Ed, Seth, Me, Joe, Nate, Sarah, Gersh... maybe more?

    As per usual check out the flickr group page. Someone took a group picture with a big camera... hopefully that will turn up.

  3. The delayed response here and only 1 email sent to the Pig Roast... I'm guessing everyone else is still dragging ass too? This week has been a struggle.

    Thanks for uploading your pictures Erick, there are some great ones. Such as This one and this one

    I hope to send an email soon and do some more things with the website. I think I found a way around the "random" picture badge thing from flickr, but will probably need some .nerdery consultations, so I might be calling later.

    Ringo, (Bongo's friend with the camera), has just been sent an email asking for the pictures he has.

    According to Gatekeeper Karen's clicker, there were right around 275 people, 25 kegs were tapped, 560 hamburger buns/deer food, about 100 pounds of brisket, 100 pounds of pork shoulder, I think a 169 pound hog. The pork and brisket were phenomenal. It was one of the smaller pig roasts, but still better than just about most Saturday nights.

    Check back to the website soon, hopefully tonight I can make a few more updates.

  4. the clicker part is a nice addition. Should've thought of that before.

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