Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reds Fever: Catch It!

If you haven't noticed, the Reds have been playing fairly well recently. Edinson Volquez (left) has been tearing it up, and the team as a whole has caught back up to about .500 after a very bad start. Volquez is a rookie with an 11-3 record and a fastball that hits the high 90's. Jay Bruce is another rookie who had the best first week in baseball in about 30 years. After his first 5 games he was batting like .750 with a few home runs. Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th home run a few weeks ago. Only 5 other people have hit 600, and 2 of them (Bonds and Sosa) did it with some "chemical assistance." The others are Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. Also, the Reds lead the Majors in walk-off-wins, so their games are often contested until the final pitch. If anyone wants to catch a game this year call me. Here is their remaining home games on weekends.

Friday - July 18th at 7:10 v. NY Mets

Saturday - July 19th at 7:40 v. NY Mets

Sunday - July 20th at 1:15 v. NY Mets

Friday - August 8th at 7:10 v. Houston Astros

Saturday - August 9th at 7:10 v. Houston Astros

Sunday - August 10th at 1:15 v. Houston Astros

Friday - August 15th at 7:10 v. the shitty Cardinals

Saturday - August 16th at 7:10 v. the shitty Cardinals

Sunday - August 17th at 1:15 v. the shitty Cardinals

Friday - August 29th at 7:10 v. the SF Giants

Saturday - August 30th at 7:10 v. the SF Giants

Sunday - August 31st at 12:35am v. the SF Giants

Friday - September 5th at 7:10 v. the shitty Cubs

Saturday - September 6th at 7:10 v. the shitty Cubs

Sunday - September 7th at 1:15 v. the shitty Cubs

Friday - September 19th at 7:10 v. Miluakee

Saturday - September 20th at 7:10 v. Miluakee

Sunday - September 21st at 1:15 v. Miluakee

I claim to be a fan so I need to go to at least one game this year. If anyone wants to go I will buy the tickets.


  1. Maybe we can schedule a "man-cation". I'm just not sure if Luke would enjoy sitting in the outfield for four hours watching daddy throw down some beers. Looks like most of these are night games so maybe that changes things.

    Let's make it happen!

  2. Name the date and I will buy the tix!