Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bobcat winner says she has 'greatest job in the world'

Check out the first paragraph of a This Week feature on G-town's own Lue!!
Congrats on the Bobcat award!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ThisWeek Staff Writer

(Photo: By David Rea/ThisWeek)

There is probably no such thing as a typical day in a school office.

"I never know who's going to walk in or what's going to come up," Stevenson Elementary secretary Lue Bauer said. "The variety is part of what makes the job so much fun."


  1. Way to go Lou! I remember shadowing her in like 7th grade when I wanted to be a school teacher. She was teaching at a pre-school in Arlington though. Bauer pauer!

  2. "Mrs. Bauer was a brown-eyed beauty," York's story begins. "She had brownish-blondish hair. She had black sandals on every single day that looked so, so cute."

    You gonna let that little turd talk about your mom like that??

  3. I'll let the muscle of the family Scott take care of the riff raff