Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Year of the Bulls?

Rumor has it that the 2007-2008 NBA season is kicking off tonight (who knew?).. I'll leave it to Joe to do the in depth analysis - but with KG coming to Boston and a maturing (perhaps Kobe-featured) Bulls, the East promises to give LeBron and the boys a bit more competition. Hoopshype rumors (click the title) has a few posts about Cleveland possibly adding Juwan Howard to the mix. On the Kobe front, they say that the Lakers want Gordon, Deng, Thomas, and Noah for Kobe. Blech. Adding further complication, Kobe has a no trade clause, which means if a team cleans the cupboards in order to get him, he may well veto the trade. He wants to win, not play on the Chicago Lakers.


  1. Sports, Sports, Sports... I'm happy I got an HD-TV.

    How long till the trade deadline? Is this Kobe thing going to happy or will Phil & Kobe kiss and make up for an early playoff exit.

    Great point on the Chicago Lakers... is there any team that he could go to that wouldn't have to gut their roster just to get him?

  2. The Celtics are going to be raw this year. I have no idea who else they have beyond Garnett, Allen and Pierce, but those three are all probably hall of famers. Not to mention a killer NBA Hoopz 3 on 3 team. As for Kobe, that trade might sound like a lot - but Kobe is probably worth it. He scored 84 last year in one game. With Heinrich and Big Ben still on the team, you could fill the rest of the team with scrubs and role players and they would probably do well. Plus, I bet Joakim will be a bust in the pros. As for the Cavs, I don't think that Juwan Howard will help. They already have a few power forwards that fill roughly the same role - Gooden, Marshall, Pollard, I am probably forgetting a few. I am hoping that Gibson has a good year after his solid play in the playoffs. F*ck the Spurs. F*ck the Gators. 3 losses and counting!

  3. Anonymous3:45 PM

    A few things:

    1. The NBA season started and I knew (an compulsive gambler/fantasy addict) would know that...

    2. Juwan Howard already signed with somebody...

    3. And the last few years have been the "Year of the Bull"

    4. Kobe said he wouldnt go to Chicago if Deng wasnt there... I wouldnt trade him without getting Deng...

    5. Kobe is a %$^%#$&%$%^$....