Thursday, November 01, 2007

ELECTION PARTY: uhhhh.... Election Night (11/6)

As many of you know, the election is next Tuesday.... In the meantime, I could use some help getting out the 1700+ flyers that I have. So if you can help me out between now and Sunday let me know.
I dont expect anyone to help during the OSU game but I know Brad and Ka will be helping me tomorrow. Email me at if you are available.
Second, my election night party is Tuesday, Novemeber 6 (7:30 - ???) at the Grandview Cafe. Come one, Come all... We will be providing Wings, Quesidillas, etc. but it aint open bar... When you wonder why ask yourself (Did I donate to the campaign...j/k)...
On election night I need a few people for a really simple task... At about 8 pm, each poll location posts the scores on the poll doors, I need people at each one to text me the tallys... there are only a few places so this is this faster then waiting for the BOE to post them online...
Please come to the rescue...


  1. Do you mean Tuesday the 6th? or Wednesday the 7th?

  2. He had the date correct - Tuesday the 6th. See you then - go Hastie 3!!

  3. to correct edward, his treasure miss calculated and there will be open bar for the first hour or so