Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Not sure if everyone has seen my motor cycle "Mary Lou". If you're in / near Grandview then you've probably seen it... but anyhoo. The bike originally belonged to Jaime Gloyd's dad, it's a 1986 Kawasaki EN-450 so a small to medium sized bike. I paid Jaime's Husband $250 bucks for it and a friend from work got it running last winter. I've since inherited an old set of saddle bags from Traci's father which help out when picking up groceries. For the most part I use it to tool around Grandview, but I have driven it to work on several occasions during the summer. With winter just around the corner I'll likely be pulling the battery out. These are some old camera phone pics taken last summer when I got the bike.


  1. Do you not need to take a special bike test in order to ride this thing legally? Here you are required to take classes from government approved teachers, pass a test and are limited to 125cc for the first 2 years to prevent you killing yourself.

  2. Good question... over here you can take a written test to receive a "temporary" license which has certain restrictions...

    no passengers, and you can't ride at night are the two big ones. The state offers training courses for like $50 bucks and then you receive an official license or you can just take a "driving test and a harder written test to get the same license.