Thursday, August 09, 2007

G-town Love On Life Support?

There's a saying that describes a websites popularity / significance, "Content is King!" What makes one website more popular than another is the content. As a result, no good content equals no-one visiting your site. MySpace offers a great example; the web-sites looks and acts like it was designed in 1990. I swear they make their layout super confusing just so your eyes spend more time exposed to their advertisements. Despite MySpace's technical problems, it has the content (Millions of underage boys and girls posting half naked pictures of themselves).

For the past few months I've spent little free time putting posts together for G-town. I'm not saying I'll have a post a day from now till the rest of the year. I'm just trying to segway to the graphic showing visit and views to the blog over the last 12 months. Now August just began so I cut that out of the chart, but the trend is clear... the blog is loosing interest which is closely tied to the frequency of posts.
I've been using the goolge notebook extension for firefox to capture / clip headlines, pictures, anything on a webpage. It's a really great tool that I wish had in gradschool... it's a perfect research tool that goes a lot farther than just bookmarking webpages. Since it's a web-app everything you capture is available to you from any computer. (Note: This requires google gears... their little programing API)

Anyway I'll be dusting off some stuff from the notebook over the next few weeks. Maybe that content will bring more people to G-town?


  1. that's a new level of .nerd. My theory. The content of "summer" does not include sitting at a computer. Maybe the closest thing is if you were to be on your bike trying to ramp over your computer. That's about as related as you can get.

  2. I'm with you... there are definate seasonal trends in blog readership... but when you compare say July of last year to July of this year the number of visits is about half... what made last July different from this one?

  3. Maybe interest in the blog is falling because your not a super celebrity like some of us.

    I'm sorry, I'm just mean because I'm in rehab and had to quit drinking. I'm sure that you have no idea what it's like to go without a 5th of vodka everyday.

    btw - check out - great for easy blogging.

  4. Sweet! Come back anytime Linsday. We'd be glad to have you guest post whenever you want... for Realz!

    Good luck with the rehab!