Friday, August 10, 2007

Sports Stuff

As the reigning champion of the G-town fantasy football I am eagerly awaiting the 07-08 season... can you say REPEAT! Alright, this conversation is better suited for a bar, but let's get planning on the draft party...

Action Items:
Jim - get those stickers / bracket system set up... let's use some of the entrance fees to cover the cost.
Ed - Set the date and lock down some participants.

Other Headlines (yea some of these are really old).
Baltimore a nice landing spot for Smith (By Len Pasquarelli - Photo Gallery - NBA's Best Remaining Free Agents
(Sideshow Varejao is #1, Sasha P. is #7, Earl Boykins #9)

Beckham sells out D.C. United game
(45,000 tickets sold to last nights game)

Celtics call Miller, who is considering return to NBA
Reggie comming off the bench... talk about all time video game basketball roster!

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