Wednesday, June 27, 2007


To whom this may concern,

For the 4th, Jen and I will be throwing a BBQ at my house, 1153 wyandotte rd. Jen has sent an evite to my email contact list which isn't very extensive. So with that said, if you did not get an evite please send me your email on the blog or to my email at Erick if you could hook up some of those emails from blog members and more I would appreciate it. Anyway, we were thinking 4 pm and then going to the UA fireworks afterwords. I will have hamburgers, brats, chicken, beer and some sides. Jared, r u coming in town? if so when?

peace on earth and good will towards men and hoes,



  1. I won't be in town til Brad's wedding :( Erick you may want to take jimmy's email down so it doesn't get plucked for spam.

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me. I promise we won't have any two year old birthday parties to go to :)

  3. I think I've told everybody - but just in case, I'm packing up my bags to head up north - Should hit Cinci tonight for Tool and CBus on Saturday.. I'm looking forward to a week of barbecued meats, beer, and whiskey!