Friday, June 29, 2007

Jesus Phone Comes Out Today

The guy on the right will probably be the first guy on the planet to own the "Jesus Phone". Yep, that's the guy who decided Monday was the day to start camping out in front of Apple's 5th ave store in Manhattan... he has since been affectionately named iLoser.

I'm not going to hype the hell out of the iPhone... I'm sure just like the iPod I'll end up getting one of the 4th generation versions. For more insight check out David Pouges review in the NY times. For the most part the iPhone delivers... but it's not without it's faults. (Since I've mentioned the Jesus Phone 5 times in this post I bet it pops up on a google search in the future).

Now the next most important iPhone related question I have is...

Will Greg Oden or Mike Conley get one? Wouldn't it have been a stroke of marketing genius if apple handed each of last nights NBA lottery picks an iPhone to call their friends on? Do you think Greg Oden or Joakim Noah could even operate an iPhone with their massive fingers / hands? I bet the iPhone would tell them to mash the key pad to receive a "dialing wand". My favorite part about the NBA draft is that it takes place at night... and it's so much shorter than the NFL draft.

Anyway, seems like the NBA will be a bit different next year as Zach Randolf & Ray Allen will be in the east. By they way I'm kinda warming up to Joakim Noah; the National Championship game has been erased from my memory... and he won the "best dressed" award last night.

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  1. The value of my house just went up since we got Oh-den. See you next June in the Finals, but don't think you'll win. Cleveland is all about getting close, but that's it.