Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First iPhone camper smelled at Apple's 5th Ave store

Jim... are you next in line?

(via engadget)


  1. Conan bought one and seems to like it:


  2. I'm guessing that Jimmy currently has a phone that has more "functional" capabilities than the iPhone, but when has he ever chosen function over general badassness.

  3. By the way it comes out this Friday! So the guy's waiting 5 days inline... I thought waiting 7 hours in the cold for the Wii was extreme.

  4. iPhone facts from the first reviews


    # It supports Exchange in some capacity, according to Walt, but he doesn't exactly say how.
    # Pogue again confirms document file reading -- but not editing -- for PDF, Word, and Excel (only).
    # Adobe Flash support is officially out. It's just not in the browser. Neither is there any other kind of embedded video support. Sorry everybody, that's that.
    # It will take snaps, but won't record video. How can Apple love YouTube as much as it does and not realize cellphone-shot movies make up a sizeable chunk of the crazy crap you find on there?