Sunday, December 03, 2006


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For some reason, Ed and I have a mean case of Wii fever. We're sitting outside target with 10 of our closest friends, waiting for a fresh shipmet of Wii's. It's cold but moral is high, 7 player games of mario cart help pass the time.


  1. When Ed and I joined up with the line @ 1:00am we became "number eight" and "number nine"... names were no longer important, just your order.

    At 4:00am the last guy, #19 arrived and we sent probably 20 more late-comers away up until 7:00am.

    At 7:00 the store manager came outside and passed out tickets, denoting our place in line. We were allowed to leave, knowing that at 8:00 when the store opened we would already have our spot in line.

    Anyway I think I'll be selling mine for profit... I need to fund a new Camera... and I can wait till after Christmas for a Wii.

    It was a fun night... not too cold, and if I end up getting paid $40 an hour for hanging out with a bunch of nerds I won't be too angry.