Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two Words...


Anyone watching the Cavs tonight at 8:00pm? I believe the game will be on Fox Sports Ohio.

Here's a quick blurb from an AP story regarding LeBron and his ankle / health:

"I'm about 85 percent, maybe," he said. "Not where I want to be."

James twisted his ankle while wearing a new style of sneaker, the latest model in his sponsor's line that he unveiled for the playoffs. He's not thinking of switching sneakers, and can only wonder what would have happened had he been wearing the shoes of a rival company.

"I probably would have broken my ankle," he said.


  1. Funny how they didn't say who his sponsor is or who the rivals are. No free lunches, I guess. During the David Halberstam remembrance yesterday, I heard him tell a story about how when they were taking a team picture during the dream team Olympics, Michael Jordan covered up the Reebok logo on his uniform by draping himself in the American Flag..

  2. I think it was cuz the Reebok logo is the Union Jack. And we don't give free advertising to our sports rival countries.

  3. Damn straight. You hear that Brit Boy?!

  4. Loud and Clear...thanks for doing the same with Beckham too. You're welcome to him.