Thursday, April 26, 2007

Make Money


I love this picture! The guy on the left is Shigeru Miyamoto , the man who's created and developed every Mario game, the original Donkey Kong games, every Zelda game, and spent 15 years thinking about Miis. The guy on the right is Satoru Iwata , President of Nintendo.

It's been a really long time since I've had a .nerd post so here you go. Does everyone know what a Nintendo DS is? Nintendo has shipped 36 million of these suckers... click on the tittle for an update on the current state of the video game industry.

Here are some financials from their end of the fiscal year report [Via:]

* consolidated fiscal year revenues of ¥966.5 billion, a 90% increase
* operating profits of ¥226.0 billion, a 150% increase
* 23 million Nintendo DS consoles last year, lifetime sales of 40 million
* 5.84 million Wii consoles in less than five months, "nearly" 29 million Wii games

Now for the projections for the fiscal year which began April 1, 2007:

* consolidated sales increasing nearly 18% to ¥1.14 trillion
* operating profits growing nearly 20% to ¥270 billion
* 22 million Nintendo DS systems and 130 million games
* 14 million Wii systems and 55 million games worldwide (will that be enough?)

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