Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Llamanos Ya!

Speaking of that Johnny Depp movie, I'm hoping to retain Pablo Escobar with this ad. It should be in the local Spanish newspaper, La Jornada Latina, within a week or two and it will run initially for 12 weeks.


  1. Lookin good - what's "Bancarrota"? Sounds a bit like Bank Robbery...

  2. All those books make you look wicked smart (Good Will Hunting Accent)! This is sweet... how many other lawyers have ads in the newspaper? Seems like a great market. It's nice to see someone use Spanish for more than just ordering cervezas on vacation.

    The next step will be putting this ad on bus stations all around the natti. Rock on Joey!

  3. I went to the website. You can see a nice pick of Joe without pants on in there. He's also trying to eat a book with a pencil.