Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Save your ears!

(Link above)I guess this would be a perfect time to mention that Modest Mouse came out with an album today, "we were dead before the ship even sank". You guys probably need to listen to this to rid yourself of the Timberlake taint in your mind.
Its a really freakin' good album. The lineup for the album is a little different than "good music for people who like bad music" The Shins singer is on several songs doing backing vocals. The have also added the Smiths guitar player as a permanent member. I never listened to them, but he's good on this album. There is even more depth in this album, which is hard to say because the last one had a lot too. You'll also hear some rough madness from the singer too. Every track is solid.
I saw them live in Portland last week in a venue comparable to The Newport. This was the 2nd show of the tour. They were not nearly as drunk as they were the first time I saw them there. This is their hometown. They actually wrote and rehearsed these songs a 13 blocks from my house.

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