Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Okay, blame me...

Alright everyone, you can settle down now as I've got some explaining to do. First of all, nice pictures in the office Erick, make sure you bring those home. Second of all and sorry to disappoint you Ed, but we didn't go to Pittsburgh because of JT. We went to Pitt because of IKEA and just wanting to get away for the weekend. When we did get there on Saturday, we went to a bar across from our hotel to watch the OSU game. While we were watching the game, some random guy came up to the bar and seemed pretty friendly. I overheard him talk about some concerts he was giving tickets away to and immediately asked if he had any to JT (yes I did know JT was playing there on Monday, but that's beside the point). Well, he reached in his pocket and gave us two free tickets. That's the REAL story. And I have to admit, what's with the lack of girl support Tess?!


  1. Nice damage control!!!! I forgot to tell you, I went to Bismarck North Dakota this past weekend to check out the new bed bath and beyond and home depot and i was at a starbucks kiosk checking my LL bean order on wifi and a midget riding a unicorn came through the front doors and tossed me a pair of New Kids On The Block tickets and I was like geez!!!!!!!

  2. You call that damage control?

    It all sounds a little bit like the Michael Scott (the Office) story that ends with: "I like to wake up to the smell of crackling bacon in the morning, I dont see whats so hard to believe about that!"

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I have to get Diva T's back on this one...

    First, what is up with all of the JT haters out there!? He puts on a kick ass concert!
    Second, what is wrong with Erick doing something nice for his wife and going with her to the concert? I am sure T is derserving of the support!
    Third, I know for a fact some of you are closet fans out there. I am sad that you don't have the balls to admit you like JT!

    You are all probably just jealous because JT has gotten more ass in one weekend then all of you combined!

  4. To anonymous, if this is who I think it is, then no we aren't jealous. We are glad that erick makes traci happy but don't be a sneaky little hoe about it. and I got enough ass at your wedding to reach JT status anyway!!!!!!!!

  5. Scalp the tickets. Buy an awesome dinner w/ Bubbly and dessert. Nice single malt for after. Don't give in so fast.

    The amount of marital brownie points garnered by this single act should offset 100 hrs of PS3 time and at least 3 "So-Co till dawn..." nights with the boys.

    Liquor and meat wrapped in other meats may be his only hope.