Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't tell your friends either!!! (censored)!

Seriously, THAT'S WHY YOU WENT TO PITTSBURGH? Just so people know, he told me he was going to "check out a new town" and "maybe go to some museums"... I should have know better, Im actually mad right now...

How about telling the truth: "Im going to put on leather chaps, a pink shirt, SKIP ST. PATTY'S DAY!!!!!, skip the best two days of the NCAA tournament to go see Timberlake lip sync, then the more he sweats, the louder I'll shrill like a 13-year old chick...Its going to be Super!"

At no point did you ever mention you were going to see that sh*t. I should have known better then to believe those lies. I embarrassed for myself, you, and all of your friends. Your poor mother, did you think of her before you went ALL THE WAY TO PITTSBURGH FOR A TIMBERLAKE CONCERT? First, the VW Golf obsession, now this? What is wrong with you?

Next time, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!... Don't go off ruining MY day. I hope they fire you, not just plaster your office with pictures of Timberlake so you get all perved out over his killer bod'.

Did you make it in time to see Pink? How was that? Did she make eye contact with you? Did you buy a poster? Did you sing along? How did your hair look? Where's the cell phone video, dude I cant wait? No Mo-Blogging from your seats, Im soooo mad? How was the set up? Omigod he does it in the round? Hey Gorman when does Kelly Clarkson play Mobile? Wanna go? Maybe we could skip the Pig Roast for that show... Did you have any strawberry wine spritzers? No?... but they taste soooo good? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I think Im going to vomit...

Voicing my rage,

EWH3, Esq.


  1. Don't worry Rock, Im SURE Im the only one who feels that way.

  2. You're grounded, bitch! I can't believe you had the nerve to then post it. Even though having balls big enough to post it should get you out of this, it doesn't. Since your the admin for the blog, I say you go and take down your posts and not post again for another week. Next, go buy all of the System of a Down albums and blast them in your house for the next week too.

  3. Dude... WTF? Did they make you tuck your junk before you went in? Or whatever is left of it?

    Ed and I have already discussed it, we're sending you to Camp New Grace.

  4. HOLY SHIT! Word has spread. Apparently Erick works with someone who has email contact with Vance Nichols, the most relentless/greatest/nastiest email forwarder of ALL TIME! There are a lot of other pictures, my favorite is the one with JT all sprawled out with a wife beater on.

    What's that say under above the autograph, "Erick, next time you're in town, make sure you slide me more of that fleshy man meat. I can't get enough. Love Justin"
    "PS - Have you seen my gerbil."

  5. Okay, Ed...I now know you have the potential to rant so well, so what about the Pig Roast emails? I haven't seen one yet! We just passed the 4 month mark and no hype!

    Sorry Erick, that was pretty funny!

  6. Kelly,

    I'll get on it here in a minute, however this CRISIS must first be dealt with. He lied, almost got away with it but in a smug attempt to rub it in our faces posted something after the fact. What a man!

    The entire G-Town Love Family is hurt, ashamed, and near breaking.

    We must work through this shameful incident before I can even think moving on with my life.

  7. maybe Brad needs to go to New Grace too for this comment, "my favorite is the one with JT all sprawled out with a wife beater on."

  8. I can be his account-abili-buddy

  9. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hey dude-
    Do you remember when you told Traci not to blast Justin Timberlake in the car when I got in one night? Do you remember that? What happened to that guy? Was that just a front? Were you just pretending to be embarrased about rockin' out to J.T. in the car? Because it seems to me that anyone who would be embarrased about that would NOT go to Pittsburgh, over the same weekend as ST. PATTY'S DAY AND THE NCAA, at that, specifically to see Justin Timberlake!
    I am seriously, seriously disappointed in you Eric.
    P.S. Ed is distraught. How could you do this to him, and not to mention, yourself?

  10. This is truly a sad day.. Kelly Clarkson doesn't have any dates scheduled down here - but Nickleback will be playing in Atlanta on the 22nd - should I go ahead pick up tickets?

  11. In my Defense...

    A random guy who worked for a radio station gave us the tickets for free while we watched Ron Lewis and the Buckeyes take down Xavier at a bar across the street from our hotel.

    At no time in our vacation planning did I check ticket master to see where JT was playing.

    I made Traci happy... and at the end of the day that's what counts!
    (thanks for picking up that PS3 tonight traci!)

    More details: I scheduled Friday off to watch basketball and Monday off to drive back from Pittsburgh. Me being the good employee that I am stood by my original request and planned on returning to work today.

    The concert taking place last night meant that we had to drive back this morning... rather than just tell everyone "Hey I'll be in late on Monday"... I threw in "I'll be late because I'm going to a JT concert and driving back on Monday"...


    Once the photos were snapped and quickly forwarded around the office I decided to froward them to flickr for blog posting before I hit the road for a meeting. With the new changes to blogger only a couple of the pictures made it to the main page. I've since re-uploaded so everyone can see the full glory.

    Bottom line, don't judge a person by their cube.