Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pig Roast VI: Email #1

(See bottom half for Pre-Party/Final Four details)

After a long winter of distractions including our federal case with PETA, Me buying a Nintendo Wii, Brad getting acquitted of those indecent exposure charges and Seth finally getting that patent on his rub...

With 100 days to go...We are proud to remind y'all:

Pig Roast VI
July 7, 2007
Maiberger Estates
Logan, OH

For many this will be your 6th OPR... for other your first. With that in mind we will treat OPR VI the same way Joe DiMaggio treated Marliyn MOnroe... err... playing baseball:

We know this may be the only time YOU eat eleven different animals (kinda of a regular occurance for a few of us), drink 42 beers in one day (see previous comment), skinny dip with several generations of the same (Bauer) family, or hear the song Dust in the Wind played 9 times straight...

With that in mind we treat every OPR like it's the only OPR, etc...Hope to see you there


Which leads me to another "treat it like its the only time": Ohio State in the Final Four. The annual OPR kick off party is this Saturday at Hendoc's Pub starting at 5:30. OSU/Georgetown tips off at 6:10.

As our corporate sponsor Hendoc's (2375 N. High, park at the funeral home) has several nice specials planned for us:

$3 Microbrew drafts & Black/Tans
$1.50 Cherry bombs
and in spirit of training for the Roast - $1 Natty light Drafts!!!! (Chuck Im looking in your direction)

So come early, stay late.

Pig Roast VI, Greg Oden I (and only), What else do you want?

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. OPR kick off party II is on Monday at Hendoc's again(for the retarded and/or Project Wet's of the world thats when we get to exact revenge on Florida)
That day we will be crushing $2 rum and cokes and,Kelly special... $3 Sparks!


  1. Not to start a shit storm or anything... but Traci and I will be missing this years roast with the most.

    Please direct all complaints to Emily Hagan... she's getting married up in Cleveland on July 7th.

    But seriously, I've known about this for a while and I've had time to deal with it so I will survive.

    Congrats to Emily and Paul!

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Is anyone actually gonna be there besides me and Brad (and Kelly on Monday even there isnt a game)...


  3. What? Don't I count for anything? I'll be there. I take Emily's actions as a direct slap in the face. We have said for years now that we don't have to worry about any of our friends getting married during the Pig Roast. I guess we know what side of the line she is on. Bullshit!

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    For the record, I was talking about being at hendoc's for the final four, not the roast, Hence the reference to Kelly being there for sparks night regardless...

    Ex-vegatarians get married on pig roasts, this meat eating thing isn't in their blood.