Wednesday, March 28, 2007

.NERD (?) x 3 (Yun shout out)

This may or may not be .NERD (at least according to Al's definition) - but they get progressively .NERDier as they go, so consider yourself half-warned.

Follow the link to see a place called "The Boneyard" - it's where old military aircraft go to die.. it's basically a giant junk yard where they keep 'em around for parts, future rehabilitation, etc. If anyone knows anything about jets (not me), I'm sure you could pick out some pretty cool stuff in there.

In other news - These guys just ranked the top ten hardest video games to beat of all time. And the winner is.... Contra without the code (all together now: up up down down left right left right B A start (sorry!!)). Which leads to the question - Can you name the member of the G-town Love community who has beaten Contra with only three lives and three continues? That's right, it's none other than Yun.. so, no offense Ed, Alex, Joe, Lobao, Jim, but does that make Yun the greatest video game player in Grandview History?

Finally - this kind of thing has been floating around for awhile, so you may have already seen it before.. but it always reminds me of Lobao (no offense!):


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  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    This unchecked aggression cannot stand... Its one am and Im tired but Pat, more then one has beat Contra without the code.

    Dude I think I could still do it... ok after a few war ups.

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    that was me... ed

  3. Seems like the boneyard would have a pretty kick-ass infrastructure / asset management system... did you see the rows and rows of "components".

    On the contra thing... the second contra was sweet, but I can't remember if it had the same code deal? And no way I could beat contra with only three lives... more power to Yun!

  4. Haha - consider the aggression checked - I didn't realize I was on such sensitive ground..

  5. They mentioned ninja gaiden. I thought the O.G. version was pretty hard. I'm probably alone on this one but I think that the first Zelda was a bitch, too. I give it an honorable mention. Good topic, Pat.

  6. I think the hardest game / level I ever played was one of the levels on Golden eye 64... I remember being stuck for like two weeks on one level... the one where you start off in jail cell and have to bust your way out.