Friday, March 30, 2007

Go Jackets!!!

Last night Seth had the hookup, second row Blue Jacket tickets!! Best seats to any sporting event I've had (Row 2, seats 3 & 4... right next to the visitors bench... I could've thrown beer on them, gone over the glass and gotten destroyed by their back up goalie). I was simply amazed by these professional athletes... seeing them skate around and act like general bad asses was impressive.

One player in particular caught my eye... his name is Parros. Now this may be entering man-crush area (no one holds a candle to JT), but his stash was flowing. I thought he looked just like Borat and Seth thought he looked like Earl Hickey (He's the massive dude on the right). By the way, after the game Ed informed me George Parros happens to be leading the league in Fighting Majors. Anyway, I yelled at him as we left the stadium (CBJ 2 - AD 4). The crowd wasn't as rambunctious as the old Chill days, but what do you expect... this is the big league.

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  1. I would not have thought it, but Parros is younger than most of us. The stache can really disguise youth.