Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is a shout out to E. I love the blog! Even though I don't post all the time and I happen to get down right nasty and offensive, I hold the G-town love close to my heart. It brings us who don't answer our phones into the know. I love the bashing of course and the useless info, I even love the brit's ungodly long soccer posts, but most of all love all of you! Now enough of this shit! Traci go buy erick a 60 g PS3 and a sony 47 inch 1080 p LCD call me I'll help you and erick for being gay you get 6 lashings. LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. Word Bro-seph! Your words are appreciated... I hope everyone enjoyed having a laugh at my expense.

    I know that email is going to be re-forwarded to me from someone I don't even know in 10 years.

  2. more posts from Evildonk, please.

  3. "midget riding a unicorn"... classic

  4. "Don't it feel good to be from where you are?"
    Muff Diver '07