Friday, July 07, 2006


group 02
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If you were at the 2006 Roast chances are you're somewhere in this picture. This is the second one I took and it's a lot less blurry than the first. As I say in my description, it's hard to stand steady when you've been drinking since 10am and be sure to click on all sizes so you can play "Where's Waldo". Also next year we may have to take the picture from the other angle (i.e. up-hill vs down hill; Thanks George!).

The real point of this post is to encourage you to upload your pictures to the OPR Flickr Group. I know I wasn't the only one who took a group pic, and it'd be nice to see how someone esle's pic came out. George and Melinda took some sweet black and white pics... real photo-journalist quality. Anyhoo... don't be afraid to share.

Note: I already posted this to the OPR blog... this is really just a shameless attempt to make sure everyone takes a look at the group picture.

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