Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mark Your Calendars...

As many of you know Traci and I are getting married on August 26th. Traci's been working hard organizing stuff and making sure we'll have a great wedding. Before the wedding I'm going to have a bachelor party (yea that's the real reason for the post). So mark your calendars for July 22nd, that's two weeks from today. Right now I'm planning on a paintball session down at Paintball Country in Hamilton Ohio (about an hour south of Columbus).

After that I figure we can take it old school and go streaking at some point. But seriously... a party van has been talked about, Brad / Jim I'll be talking to you to work out those details. Once on the bus we can bounce around c-bus from bar to bar for one last night of crazy bachelor antics. Anyway get creative and make sure your schedule is free for July 22nd (two weeks from today, one week before G-town class of 96 reunion).


  1. Sounds like a great time LOBO, I'm bummed I can't be there. I'd probably end up getting hit with a shoe in the face anyway. Have a great time!

  2. I'm looking forward to it... and I hope no shoes are thrown... crazy canadians.


  4. I have a wedding in cinci that night you asshole, do you really have to get married?

  5. Maybe we can pull a double night bachelor party... i.e. drink heavily on Friday night, then replace Saturday's hang over session with a round of paintball? What time's your wedding at... would it be possible to do the paintball thing and attend a wedding in the same day?

    The original date was August 5th, but I'll be leaving Columbus that day for work ;(

    You know if I can figure out how to do it I'd web-cast the entire ordeal... .NERD! Speaking of... I'm due for a .nerd post, let me see what I can come up with.