Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick Canadian In - and - Out

I'm planning on heading to Toronto on 1st September with a mate. We're thinking of hiring a car and heading south to C-bus, and up to Chicago before heading back to Toronto to fly out.
The Dodge SX has been secured via the interweb. What's the best routes for this journey? Who's gonna be around to get me rip-roaring drunk in C-bus on friday 7th september??
Lobao, i'm looking at you - screw the honeymoon! I want to be passed out drunk on your sofa while you order to future Mrs. Lobao around to make the late night munchies!
Traci, i'm looking at you! Get that bitch-ass husband-to-be of yours to pay the pizza guy while you and I have a rum-fuelled party with your girlfriends!
Eddy? Alex? Jimmy? Seth? Brad? Ka? You gonna be there to tell me how much you've missed me and you wish they'd allow gay civil unions in Uk so you can get a UK passport?


  1. That's kick ass! Do you get to stay for the remainder of that weekend? There's a pretty big football game that Saturday. It's away but should still be a rockin' good time.

  2. On your way to C-bus you guys should stop at Niagara Falls. It's just west of Buffalo, NY, and probably only about 2 hours from Toronto.

  3. On your way to being a square you should pull over and stop by C-bus on that weekend so i can out drink you blonde ass!

  4. Classic. I'll be around and ready to throw down. Brad's right... OSU plays Texas that Saturday so everyone and their mom will be watching the game or traveling to Texas (i.e. Ed).

    If you stick around for that we could / should go to Hen Docs or the Varsity Club to partake in the victory party! You can pour on the English Charm to all the young co-eds. Good luck on the Drive... you guys are up for a serious road trip.

    Can't wait to see you bro!

  5. There are several direct flights from Toronto to Columbus, if yo are looking to avoid the long drive.

  6. Put on your OSU regalia and fly in for sure. You will be much more content if you drink that whole time rather than sitting in a rental. If that’s not enough, you will wish you had flown after you’ve spent a few hours navigating the Pennsylvania Amish countryside. If you do decide to drive, the Amish love it if you moon their women and honk at the horses when you pass. At least the food along the way is good.