Monday, July 24, 2006

Save The Date

Tool recently announced tour dates - They're rollin into the Capital City 9/21 - at Nationwide - tickets go on sale *this* Saturday at 10 AM - it we want to be on the floor, we'll probably need a volunteer to buy them right at 10. It's been awhile, so I don't know if the online route is best, or if actually going to Kroger or wherever is better..

Other notable dates on the schedule:
9\22 - Detriot
9\23 - Toronto
9\25 - Clevetucky

In other music news - Audioslave has (another) album coming out on September 2nd - the first single has hit the radio, and can be streamed from their website.


  1. I'm your man... I'll make sure to jump on these tickets... RHCP came and went, so I've learned my lesson... it's nice that there's not a 6 month lag between tickets going on sale and the actual concert date.

  2. Seth you got any advise for ticket sales in the new age of fast internet connections? How did you guys get those Tom Waits Tickets... a combo of internet and showing up at a location?

  3. Pat... do you know anything about an internet pre-sale? Looks like the Los Angeles one had it... check out this upcoming post

  4. The internet w/ multiple browsers and pre-entered account information seems to work well. We had a limit of two per account and got 9. The phone is still a good way to go too. That is once you get through.

    How is it that for all the people our network touches, we STILL don't know anyone that works for Ticketmaster. Amazing.