Friday, January 27, 2006

100 Patty In N Out Burger...

Alright, here's the deal... In-N-Out Burger is a west coast burger chain that makes great burgers and fresh cut french fries. As my fellow In-N-Out lovers know, you never pass up the opportunity to eat at one. Also they'll let you add as many patties as you want for a $1 each... hence the 100 patty beast you see to the left.

A group of friends spent a drunken Halloween night in Vegas, and ended up ordering 1 double double with 98 extra patties. Click on the title to see the full blog-post and a bunch more pictures (also check out their template, seems familiar... this guys also has a great post on tea-bagging). Here are some final stats on their In-N-Out escapade...

  • Total calories (extrapolating from info provided here): 19490 calories
  • Total eaters 8 (2 girls and one guy who already ate dinner and only ate 6 patties)
  • Most patties eaten by one person : I think I ate about 20. I think Nalin ate about 20 as well (including the raw ones)
  • Time to finish : less then 2 hours
  • Number of people who barfed : 1 (way to go Elena!)
[Via: BoingBoing]


  1. Beefy! I bet the "end product" wouldn't look much different after it went In N' Out.

  2. And I thought I was cool when I ate a double double big mac, 8 patties, on a Friday during Lent, or my height in footlongs.