Friday, January 27, 2006

Point and Shoot!

Something you Americans are good at....anyway, i digress. I am after some advice. I want to buy a new digital camera for my vacation. Top priority is SIZE - i want it small, compact and easy to carry around without being cumbersum. I want at least 4 megapixals and upgradable memory. PLus I don't want to have to use stupid 3rd party software with my PC. plug and play would be nice. Movies with Sound ability would be nice and a few options on lenses/apertures/filters/etc.....BUT IT MUST BE SMALL!

Engadget was, naturally, my first port of call. Click the link to see what I'm thinking.

Please advise.....


  1. Get as much optical zoom as you can. With the MP range as high as 7 or 8 these days, you can get crisp pics and zoom/crop what you need. Digi. zoom is still questionable on most units. It's hard to find good optizoom on a compact. Check the Sony Cyber. DSC-P200, 4x Op.Z. and 7.2 MP. Good lens and only 2x4x1 in size. Inches of course. Sony has good video jacks and features out the ass.

  2. From what I've heard the super slim cameras have improved their image quality... check out this PCmag round up.

    Also now could be the best / worst time to buy a camera. The Japanese financial year ends in March so over the next couple of months they'll introduce new models and reduce prices on current models. [CNN Article].

    Finally the best place for reviews (INMO) is Digital Photo Review []

  3. Initially I was thinking about this:,1895,1830965,00.asp

    I jsut waent into a store to see it in real life and spied this pentax caera's which are about £50 cheaper.

    thoughts please.....