Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Years?

New Years eve is this Sunday and I've heard a lot of "what are we doing for New Years" talk. I'm 90% sure Evil Donk's (Jimmy) lake house is the destination... I haven't confirmed this with him but he's always said "yea if people want to."

For food we could do a similar deal as last year, although instead of cooking the food in the lake house we could just bring it along. Everyone who comes could be responsible for a food or beverage item... (I'm thinking $30 in hoggy's pulled pork or maybe city barbeque). Witten and Heather could probably raid their freezer and provide a meal's worth of baked goods. As you may already know we'll have an extra second to decide / celebrate this year so there's still time to come up with a different plan. Anyway lets get those creative juices flowing.

How's about a sound off on non-local g-town members... what is everyone doing for new years? Gorman, your heading to Tempe right... when do you leave? Nowa, you rocking out in T-town? Jared will probably be on the side of some mountain, fishing for salmon. I'm guessing The Brit will be snogging some midden in the back of a taxi. Chuck, are you heading over to Whitby's (spell check?)... by the way check your email and join the blog already!


  1. E and I are planning on driving up to Cbus for new years. Jim's house would be great. Also, I would not mind watching the Bucks whoop the Irish at Hendoc's or some other drinking establishment.

    Erick, I didn't get a chance to post the video of my new mini G-ride last night. After work I found my car filled with broken glass b/c some f*cker broke into it last night. They got a whole $3 worth of change. I hope the crack was on sale yesterday...

  2. Having just spoke to Jim I can say that the lake house is still a possibility but is not likely to happen. The theatre room takes priority and as of 60 seconds ago, is just now being painted. Carpet goes in Friday, but there is too much on Jim's plate at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions for an alternate location, speak now. As for where to watch the bowl game that is a no-brainer. As long as it's finished, the Windflower theatre will be the best place in town. Seats are going fast people. RSVP to Jim if that seems like a good idea. ABC is in Hi-Def now and worst case scenario some people may have to watch the game on the plasma.

  3. Well... my house, Bam's House, Hen Docs, Byrnes, Tony Masoneli is renting out Zeno's on third ave, and or Beckwith's... these are all other possibilities... oh yea, don't forget drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel's alone on your couch... that's always a fun new years.

    Sorry to hear about your car Joe, that really blows... can you get your insurance to cover it? I'm surprised the guy didn't leave a "merry chrismas" note or anything.

  4. Anybody want to join H and I for dinner New Years?

  5. Traci and I are in... apparently Marisa has made reservations at Martini's... I think I heard Buca thrown around as well.

  6. Hopefully I wil indeed be snogging some midden. But it won't be here,. it'll be in Edinvurgh. My mat elives up there and we've secured tickets for Hogmaney...the biggest new years treet party in the world. I'm not planning to take me HUGE camera, but will use my phone to snap some shots. Happy new year losers!