Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Seth's Next Toyota?

I've posted on this car before, however Toyota has released official information and details on their 2006 FJ-40. This autoblog link will take you to number of new pictures as well as the official release statement from Toyota. Also click on the picture to watch an Edmund's video review. Here's the bottom line from Edmunds review:
"If you never go off-road you'll like it; if you always go off-road, you'll love it."
[via: autoblog]
UPDATE: Engadget is reporting that the FJ will be the first commercial vehicle to incorporate NXT's "flat speaker technology". "The NXT tech differs from traditional conical speakers in that it uses a light, flat diaphragm to disburse sound frequencies over the entire panel surface as opposed to producing vibrations that ripple from the center outwards... with the FJ to rock the enclosure-less speakers in its ceiling panel."

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  1. Can I borrow $30,000 from someone please. I'll pay you back when I can.