Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Call me the working man......

I finally started working....

My official stuff:

Edward W. Hastie III
Assistant Attorney General
Evironmental Enforcement Section, Ohio Attorney General

(614) 466-5265

Im only allowed to check this stuff on my lunch hour.


  1. Rock on man. Don't let them see your car or the first person you fine could be yourself.

  2. Congrats! Feel like celebrating? Drop me a line or give me a call afterwork... I'll probably go to the gym for an hour or so... but I could be free around 8:30

  3. Congrats Eddie - tell me it's a coincidence that your first two weeks of work are only four day weeks..

  4. Will you be getting a badge too?

  5. Congrats Lover! If you run into a Tony Siciliano, let him know you know my brother and i. you big ol pimp you!

  6. Well Done Sir Edward. Do your leegal powers allow you exsponge me US credit history and issue me a fresh new visa? However, if you try importing my as your man-slave again I won't be happy..