Monday, December 26, 2005

Whatcha got?

Andy the Brits post gave me idea: What did Santa bring everyone?

I got my own darts (thanks Marissa), a billion things for the working world (suit, shirts, ties, etc), White Castle gift certificate, socks.


  1. I got an extrenal 200gig HardDrive, a portable table for my saw a new 5 wood and some martini glasses, oh yeah and some slippers. All in all a great Christmas. Like Erick I am on my way to Chriustmas celebration number 3 and 4 today, Monday. Then out of town for a few days... see you all towards the end of the week. Merry Christmas.

  2. I got a new Chrysler 300C with low profile tires, chrome rims, ground effects and a kick ass stereo. No joke... Never mind the fact that it is a 3 foot remote control 300C. It plays a 5 second sample from Baby's "Get Your Shine On" on repeat. It is the bomb. I plan on bringing it to the Pig Roast.

    I also got Ali G's entire second season. Big Ups Yaself. Respeck. West Side.

  3. Hey... can you post a little video clip of your g-ride in motion? If you can take one with your camera... then use to host the file.

  4. cool, I should have time to try tonight