Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Job for Carter?

Carter have not heard much from you since you have been back, does that mean you are employed or are you just to busy sitting around you parents house to post?


  1. yes ladies and gentlemen I have been pretty busy... my time's been spent mostly interviewing but, as of today, that's all over. I've accepted the job at GE. So Joe, got an extra room? No seriously, what are some nice parts of Cinci? GE's right around 275 and 75 at the tri-county mall so... I start the 24th of this month so I've got to find a house quick. Anyone, how the shit do you buy a house?

  2. Cool man. There are plenty of good neighborhoods around the tri-county area. For now, just know that "Over the Rhine" is not the German immigrant portion of the city anymore. I'll email you more in a little while.

  3. great news glad to hear you founds something favorable.