Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big News From Apple

Apple made a few announcements today... I can't wait till they update their line of laptops.

-New I-pod that plays video and has video out
-Updated I-mac with built in camera / flash / web conferencing software
-Front Row - New media-centric interface with blue-tooth remote

Jim... it may be time to trade in your mac and upgrade. The media center features look cool... It'd be nice if it was offered with the mac-mini, it'd make a sweet home entertainment center... although an x-box360 can do similar stuff for less cash. Oh yea, along with the video i-pod the I tunes music store will sell current ABC tv shows like Lost and and Disney stuff for $1.99


  1. I wonder how far away we are from video blogging? Think of how different a blog would be if you could see and hear my lame comment instead of just reading it.

  2. good point a lame comment will always be a lame comment... just kidding, but video blogs are out their... its really more of a cost thing (bandwidth & server space). I watch a couple of vid-casts a week using i-tunes and its built in pod-cast capabilities... one by the guys who run Kevin Smith (director) has been doing video posts on his blog for clerks2 passion of the clerks

  3. I'm sure the space will be there soon enough. That will be a lot of data. I figure if they can put video on an ipod it is around the corner.

  4. True dat... also when apple adds video capabilities to their mid/low range computer... that's another million people with access to the technology... think of all the kids using macs in schools doing video conferencing presentations to kids in other schools. Probably doesn't happen but could, should, would, will one day.

  5. One more note... this 5th Gen Ipod will finally allow for line in recording.