Tuesday, October 11, 2005

40 of Choice

This week’s games beg the question, What really is the best malt liquor? Is it OE as voted by The Eazy-E Memorial Football league or is it in fact Colt 45 who remains 5-0 despite the lackluster performance of the once high scoring Running Back Willie Parker and Wide Reciever Keenan McCardell


  1. Looks like a big week... Joe lost his first game, you guys play each other next week... and how the hell does Ed only have one loss... I swear he lost another one. I'm taking on Ka, so hopefully I can get win #2

  2. I don't know if P-Shea is out there somewhere, but if he is, I hope his head is hanging in shame.. My team is no '85 Bears - but P Shea only managed 16 points against 'em! 16!

  3. The best malt liquor, without a doubt is Olde English "800", or as most of the 1980's rappers called it, eight ball. I believe it was the late great Easy E who once declared: Eight Ball sippin, continue my trippin, hittin my switches, collect from my bitches, the money that I make so I can add to my riches.