Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm awesome...

I just thought I'd share some pictures if you don't mind. I've included some from Iraq, the Virgin Islands, Savannah, Arizona, and El Paso (which is pretty much exactlly like Iraq). I've also put in a few of the shit I've made.. a nightstand, table, bench... who knew I could build shit... not me.

Link to Shutterfly


  1. Cool pictures Chris! Erick and I are going to the Virgin Islands in August...did you guys go there on your honeymoon? Were those Iraq pictures from one of Saddam's palaces? Anyway, your wife looks cute! See you at the Pig Roast!

  2. These are sweet... I had no idea you could build shit either!?!? Those Iraq pictures are insane too. Oh and don't worry about bragging or boasting... that's what 95% of my posts are about. If you check out the archives some of the early posts are just "what I did today" type shit which is somewhat self absorbed, but anyhoo rock on!

  3. I may be down in the USVI in around Aug myself, H's old roomate works for the CDC and may be getting staffed down there for her first rotation. There is probably about a 60% chance. If she does we are there. Erick I have a some must see/do things while you are down there When I have a little more time I will post some pics and notes about where they are and what they are.... My advice, get drunk and drive on the left side of the road one night, it will be good practice for when you are over there.

    Chris when did you go and what Island/Islands did you see?

  4. To answer Traci... yeah, we took the trip to St. John's about two years ago for an Iraq homecoming/honeymoon-for-the-wedding-we-never-had celebration. Stef had planned a pretty sweet wedding at West Point but since I was still in Iraq, we got screwed. It was an amazing time though and we're probably going back this September when I get out. We stayed in the Westin last time but this time we're thinking about renting a house for a week. And the pics of Iraq, those were the two palaces I stayed in. Not good times. The golden chair was pretty sweet and I took home the head of that little statue... his palaces were bombed out but you could tell they were amazing at one time.

  5. Dude... we were also thinking about staying at the Wyndham on St. Thomas... it's all-inclusive. We could seriously wasted and potentially double my weight.
    P.S. I took my last PT test just a few minutes ago!!!