Thursday, June 09, 2005


I've heard about this band from a couple of different sources. I guess there from Portland Oregon and they play complex "alterna-rock" type stuff. They played in Columbus a few weeks back and they'll be making an appearance on World Cafe, a two hour long radio show carried on public radio stations around the country. You can look for stations and times in your areas on their web page or stream it from Columbus's, WCBE (look for the Listen Here link at top of page). I might try to tape it so I can watch the NBA playoffs. Anyway, I like hearing new music... 8pm EST.

90.5 WCBE Columbus


  1. Chuck4:43 PM

    two artists I recently came across were Josh Rouse and Ray Lamontagne. Both pretty mellow singer/song writers

  2. I've picked up a couple of Josh Rouse songs from itunes... his song 1972 reminds me of 1996. I'll have to check out Ray Lamontagne, its interesting how my tastes in music have changed over time... 6 years ago I typically would blow off singer song writers in favor of old school blues... 6 years before that it was heavy music, maybe hard-core raver music is next.

  3. I saw the singer, Colin Melloy perform solo here in PDX. He's got a pretty solid fan-base. When I was listening to an interview this week on the radio. Dude is a nerd. That's okay, most artists are. He's like Erick. No TV groing up. You can tell from his ballad lyrics that are always old-timey. The songs on the newer album are real long too. I recommend seeing them live. If you see the video for military wives, it was filmed here.