Thursday, June 09, 2005

Read the article you Chav!

This is an article from the BBC on new slang words to make the dictionary. Andy is Chav the same as Charver? Is charver the nortern version or am I just spelling it the way it sounds?

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Asbo' and 'chav' make dictionary


  1. I'll use some new sport phrases: Are the Cavs "tapping up" Larry Brown? Dwayne Wade tested his "bouncebackability" for game 7.

    Erick, remember the deadlift show last night? 300 kg = 661 lbs

  2. 'Charvers' are indeed 'chavs' and that is simply the northern dialectical version. Chav's are the new ruling class of UK and worship anything with burburry trim as well as being ruled by David Beckham and Posh Spice, their king & King whom live in Beckingham Palace - adorned in Burburry. Generally a Chav's main futy to it's country is to produce offspring by the age of 14, steal it's first car by 15 and be hooked on heroin by 16. Anything after that is a bonus.

  3. chuck4:39 PM

    The most impressive thing about this article wasn't the addtions to the vernacular but the amazingly stereotypical picture of a black man with yet another ugly, fat ho...