Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The future's bright, the future's Orange

The company that i work for this week agreed a great new deal with Orange mobile phones to allow all employees a free SPV c500 smart phone! These are the smallest intelligent mobile phone available at the moment, they offer full synchronisation with outlook, a camera for stills and movies, voice dictation, Bluetooth, mp3 player and comes supplied with wired headset and computer connecting cable. The orange network also allows you to have a personal number (even frm a different carrier, in my case O2) as a second line on the phone, this will allow me to combine the two using one handset. I remain responsible for my second line costs and it remains completely private!

A review of the phone can be found here.

1 comment:

  1. That's sweet... you should pick one up... although its not as sleek as the one you have. This phones been out for a little while now... under different brands for different companies (cingular link here).

    Engadget hands on here.

    Here in the states it seems like the GSM companies (cingular & T-mobile) don't get a lot of play. Verizon typically has the best network, but CDMA leaves us with crappier phones... All of Asia is cranking out crazy phones but there for GSM... just keep checking out engadget and you'll see what I mean.

    Oh yea, here's one from Nokia thats got a 4GB hard drive. It's supposed to come out by the end of the year and is expected to steal some ipod mini money.