Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Music Tuesday

Here's a straight up techno-dance track I put together a few weeks ago. This was the first time I played around with changing effects on the fly. So its really just an exercise in 'echo-modulation' (I made that word up). I suggest listening to this one with headphones or really loud on a stereo with bass turned up a notch (check out the left-right effect thing). There's a section of surf guitar too. If you close your eyes and tell your friends this from some crazy euro-dance track master they might believe it... don't be afraid to bust out your glow sticks for this one.

Freakness.mp3 3.05 MB


  1. It was good, cooler sounds than in your other instrumentals. But you oughta change the background/main beat a couple of times throughout the song. And the guitar would probably sound better if it were a bit heavier, with more distortion. Also, a voice sample loop thrown in would be cool. Even if it were just a word or phrase, it would add a lot.

  2. This was really just an experiment... I guess its not ready for prime time... more distortion is always better isn't it. I need to recruit some MCs... maybe we can make a pig roast rap song.