Monday, May 09, 2005

The White Easy-E...

Ok y'all have got to see this shit: (I want to see comments)

Its a video my buddy shaen from OU shot, most of you guys have met him before. Its a video of his two buddies Rock and Justin trading a single punch for sport. Rock is the white Easy E look-alike and Justin is the skinny dude who looks like the guy from Road trip.

Rock's is quite possibly the dumbest person I know, He makes Sara Rousch look a rhoades scholar. In my life Ive never met anoney with as few brain cells. He doesnt flinch though.

Basically, the audio can summed up as follows:

Rock: Hit me fag, dont be a pussy!!

Justin: Dude, whatever

Rock: Just dont hit me in the eye or ear.

(From Background: Justin dont him the face, hit him in the stomach...)


Rocks turn he hits him in the ear and then says Hit me again.


  1. "White Easy-E" is the best way to describe that Rock kid. At the same time he looks like a white MC gusto (am I thinking of the right character from CB-40?)

  2. He does look more like a white MC Gusto from CB-4. But that clip was painful to watch. Was I really that dumb when I was in college?