Friday, April 15, 2005

Rim Junction

Check out this site. You can select almost any type of car, any color, and put any type of rims on it that you want. Here is a Chrysler 300C. You can put 22's on it. Here is the outline of a 1990 Plymouth Horizon. Oh me bake, me bake good, me bake good in the Ho-Ri-Zon... on dubs.


  1. Hell yea! I could see a horizon making it on to Pimp My Ride... imagine P.G. cruising the ave with a lime green and purple horizon on 22's with tv's in the headrests.

  2. hey lobao, check out a 300M, midnight blue with 20in black rims, and tell me what you think. you're welcome joe, for the site. don't lay claims without givin' props! holla at yo ontro-po-negro!