Monday, April 18, 2005

Nod your head to this...

Thanks to the magic of samplers and sequencers you too can become a world famous house DJ. I've been spending more and more time screwing around with drum loops and synth sequences rather than playing guitar. Now these tracks don't have the same organic feeling of the original techno-bratvurst, but they involve more than just a keyboard. Anyway, check out the tracks and tell me what you think.

Dance Break: This is a basic dance loop consisting of a couple synth loops, a steady beat and a few cymbal crashes/breaks. (1.34MB)

Electro Funk: This one's a little more involved. It's got a west-coast hip-hop flavor, some piano, and a synth break. I really wanted to lay down a lyric track... something simple like 'Turn My Headphones up, turn my headphones up, what!?!?!" with an echo effect. (2.63MB)

I feel like I'm turning into Moby.


  1. you should have a telephone conversation. the break beat bit is the guy...some black dude being a baller. then during the latino bit it's his bitch - calling him a bastard and a lousey lay. thn it break back to him rapping about how many bitches he's slayed. then back to her, then both...just arging like that bit in the black eyed peas song. pure rap showbiz

  2. Good stuff. It seems that you have moved on from the late great Hammerhead. The first one sounded like it could be background music for something. I think both could use a different ending, i.e. fade out, final note...

  3. Word! Maybe I can get some audio clips from menace to society and fade those in and out... or even some left over phone messages from people... Yea, your right about the ending thing too... the songs could just go on and on cause their loop based... so you kinda gota just pick a point... but fading out is a good idea.