Friday, April 29, 2005

Here's a photo of some cool graffiti I found on someone else's blog.


  1. That's strange and amazing... I've seen a lot of cool photoblogs lately.

    FYI: I've set up a gtown photo account at Getting access to the acount will require you to set up yet another username and password (you can always just use the same one you use for blogger - the invitations will go out once it's ready).

    The cool thing about flickr is that anyone who joins the group will be able to post pictures, comment on them, and tag them with search terms. This will replace the existing photo-album soon. It's kinda like a web version of hello! Flickr is all about the public photo albums, so you can find some interesting stuff, once you tag your photo with a term it should come up in a search.

  2. This is my new background by the way!